What kind of things is troubling you ?

  • I wish I had my own shop...
  • I want to import marchandise from Japan
    ... What should I do ??
  • I want to purchase various items at once
    ... Can I do that ?!

Our "TOKUTOKUYA" can solve them ALL !!

Why is TOKUTOKUYA chosen ?

Kind Support

We can assist you in starting your own shops. From the shop opening preparation to the shop operation, our expert staff kindly help you.

* Solve your problems of importing matter.
We'll corporate with you and follow up the regulation in your country to proceed shipping smoothly.


We deal with over 20,000 varied items sold in the Japanese market. Almost items is designed in Japan. We guarantee our items to be very useful, safe and high-quality.

* Handling many popular items from main makers
inomata kagaku / Sanada Seiko / NAKAYA KAGAKU / ECHO KINZOKU and so on...

Speedy Shipment

Only takes about two weeks from ordering to shipping from Japan. We'll ship out as soon as possible. It will increase your sales opportunities.

Our Service

Support for Starting Shops

We can assist you in step by step to start your store.

ex.) selecting products, shop layout of your store, and instruction of products display etc.

Documents and Labels

We send you the necessary documents for customs clearance such as certificate of origin.

We can also make the labels for the package. (in English)

Sophisticated Packing

Merchandises can be packed separately for each shop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Do I need a special license to be franchisee ?

You can be franchisee without any special license or business experience.

Q2 : How much do you take for royalty fee ?

Royalties will not be required.

Q3 : How many new items are introduced every week ?

About 200 items every week!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.